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At Per4m Asset Management we pride ourselves on offering clients a distinctive service, stemming from our long-established expertise in wealth and asset management and our continued development of progressive investment strategies. The firm’s partners have a long history, both in Swiss Private Banking and Institutional Investment Management in London. They offer an exemplary track record of managing absolute return strategies across a variety of asset classes and in servicing the needs of both Institutions and High Net Worth Individuals. At Per4m, the client is at the centre of everything we do where capital preservation is one of our main priorities achieved through a robust investment process with rigorous risk analysis. Our strategies are designed to perform in any market scenario with a team of highly dedicated and experienced investment professionals, offering a wealth of knowledge established and refined over many years working in the industry. Due to the high regard with which it is held within the investment community, Per4m works with only the strongest and most trustworthy counterparties.

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